New York


Instead of large exhibitions, business was conducted in grouped hotel rooms.  
Whatever the venue, it allowed Jane Woolrich to become a brand that attracted top retailers and lingerie specialists.  
Right from the very start, the famous New York store 'La Petite Coquette' became a client and the celebrity owner, Rebecca Apsen became not only a valued customer but a friend of the family.

Jane with Rebecca - August 2006

Throughout the years, Jane has supplied the top USA groups and independents and has developed some wonderful friendship with both customers and other suppliers.  
Owner Designer Frances Smily and our Belgian friends Anne and Katherine at Pluto.  
It's always a pleasure to see so many good and friendly faces each time that we go
No New York trip in recent years has been complete without leisure time spent with Rebecca ; Sarah and Michael Weiner of Trousseau in Virginia ;  

Sarah and Michael Weiner of Trousseau

UKFT's Paul Alger with Tarek Anwar from Anwar, Kuwait in NYC

Judy & Uplift Intimate Apparel store owner Carla 2018

Lingerie on Lex Store owner Randi with Jane

Olga - Our long time New York model and friend