2021. An Update For Lingerie Magazine Russia



2021. An Update For Lingerie Magazine Russia

The Year of 2020 will always be known as the Year of Covid 19, the Global Pandemic.

The last twelve months have been particularly difficult in, most importantly, Health, and also for economic activity.

In the UK, which has been particularly badly hit with the Health crisis, the early months of 2020 saw the need to close down factories and studios whilst the country went into lockdown.

As the crisis began to abate in the middle of the year, Jane Woolrich Couture was both surprised and delighted to see that so many of their customers throughout the world were able to resume normal  trading and were therefore very enthusiastic to receive new product from the UK Designer Lingerie Brand.

Although, a second wave of Covid infections, together with the discovery of a new variant of the virus have complicated working arrangements, the Brand has still been able to continue to make and send their High End Bespoke garments to clients throughout the entire time.

First up to receive their pre ordered products were the prestigious Russian Retail Group, Estelle Adony.

Jane Woolrich Couture has been proud  to enjoy a long and very successful relationship with Russia’s leading Lingerie Stores for over two decades. In 2016, Jane visited Moscow and met the staff and viewed many of the stores.

Since those shipments, sent last summer, Jane Woolrich Couture have been sending their special pieces to established and valued clients in many cities, including the USA, Canada and the Gulf States as well as Saudi Arabia.

As ever, the Jane Woolrich brand of beautiful romantic lingerie and nightwear continues to appeal to clients and stores in all parts of the world.

Jane Woolrich Couture continues to sell especially well in New York, Paris, Moscow and Dubai and Doha amongst other leading centres of world fashion.




Jane Woolrich first started her Brand in 1985.

Based in the heart of England, Jane has always been in the forefront of Couture Lingerie Designers with her own special handwriting that ensure that the Jane Woolrich Collections are always very Feminine and, always, Romantic.

Jane works with only the finest of Leavers laces. Formerly these traditional creations came from both Nottingham in England and the Calais region of northern France.

Nowadays, the traditional lace manufacturers are all based in Calais and Caudry. These factories continue to make the softest and most delicate of laces that convey a “gossamer” type feel.

Jane only uses the most gentle of trims to ensure that all of her pieces are “kind” to the skin at all times.

Most of the Jane Woolrich collections are made in silk, although many styles may also be offered in high quality polyester.

All of Jane’s gowns and lingerie styles are made “on the bias”,  thus ensuring that each style has superb fitting.

Throughout the last thirty years, Jane has established herself as the epitome of the image of “English Romance”.

All Jane Woolrich Couture designs and production is based in the English countryside.

All of the Jane Woolrich pieces are made in the English countryside in Jane’s own studio.

This ensures that the Jane Woolrich house can be particularly proud of the special fits to their garments. This attention to detail allows Jane to offer a special service that will make for all sizes, however large, tall or otherwise.

Increasingly, this ‘Bespoke’ service means that clients come back on a frequent basis knowing that they will benefit from such a special individual service.

This also ensures that all of the stores that carry the Jane Woolrich Collections can always ensure that their customers and clients are able to get both the fit and also the special colour they choose.

This individual service is always a huge benefit to the Brand’s retailers.



Jane Woolrich continues to offer new and beautiful styles.

In today’s global market, the seasonal variations are less marked than in former times. This means that the Jane Woolrich collections are ideal for different clients at different times of the year.

At Jane Woolrich Couture, we are pleased to show you several of the most recent pieces that are ideal throughout the year and over all seasons.

As we say in England, “ Romance is For Always”.

Her latest styles are available for view on the website :